Most immersive milsim I have ever attended! Op COHORT was the first strike out into the milsim world for Legion Airsoft Events, but this was far from their first rodeo. In the two and a half years I have been playing, I have never attended a milsim with such an immersive atmosphere, from the planning on the part of the organisers to the execution by the players on both sides, this is a must for players who want to really be in the mix, cannot recommend it enough, hands down best op i have ever …
N.L on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Gotta say it was one of my favourite events in the last couple of years. Had an absolute blast and think you set the bar high for your first event… See you at the next one!
G.H on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Wow what can I say. What an awesome event. If they gave out medals for MilSims, you guys would of received the Victoria Cross! Bloody loved it. Hats off to staff and OpFor for their role. A MilSim I won’t forget!
P.B on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Thanks to the Legion crew for an epic day! Had a great time playing OpFor! Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you so so much for putting on an awesome event!
J.F on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
One of my best events in years! We [are] still talking about it. At points it felt like the real thing was kicking of STEP BACK !!! STEP BACK !!! Get out of our town !!! AMAZING… I could have kept playing for hours. Great event and every one played there part we want a encore. Thanks to all involved. can not wait to the next one.
T.B on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Great site down at Redhill. First day was well run with a great bunch of players. Marshals good also. Site is a good balance of dense wooded areas as well as some more open ones. Good for standard AEG or dmr/sniper if that takes your fancy. Overall best skirmish day for a while for me…. I will be back.
P.W on Facebook regarding our Sunday Skirmish
Again big thanks to everyone at Legion Airsoft Events. My first milsim as a player in years and it was an unforgettable experience. Really loved the immersion and all the brilliant acting (and less brilliant accents) on both sides. The firefights were excellent, especially the siege of the shopping centre tower! Ran out of ammo twice! All in all a fantastic event! Will be booking for the next one soon as it comes up.
T.M.P on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Attended an evening game yesterday, absolutely cracking game. Excellent staff, excellent site, and organisation was top notch. Looking forward to Operation Cohort on June 3rd. Keep on doing what your doing lads.
B.H on Facebook regarding our Evening Game
Great team. Excellent venue. Superb day. Well worth every penny. Definitely going back with out a doubt. Long may it continue.
A.I on Facebook regarding Op COHORT
Want to say thank you to Mike and his crew for the awesome Op yesterday. Best one I’ve been too in a while. Looking forward to the next one!
B.H on Facebook regarding Op COHORT

What do Legion Airsoft Events do?

Legion Airsoft Events combines years of airsoft and military experience with the aim to develop, and deliver, airsoft events for all levels of player, whether new or seasoned, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we critically analyse every event we run, to ensure the next event is even better.

Our Sunday Skirmish events are designed for those players who just wish to turn up and play and are based around short games with mini breaks in between allowing a casual day of fun for all involved. Our BattleSim events are events designed to have a bit more structure about them. These games are there for the slightly more serious player who wants to get involved a little more and who want’s a bit more structure to their day. Our Immersive MilSim events are there for the hardcore airsofters out there. These events are designed to replicate combat operations as best we can and are structured to test the players and push them to their limits. As well as these three events types we also run training days to allow players to hone their skills.

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