Operation GLADIUS rules

Operation Gladius: Longmoor UTC, Liss, Griggs Green.

Please ensure you read all of the information on here. This document is subject to change and any changes will be notified to you. Once you have booked on, a full break down of rules will be sent to you. You can book on to the event at the bottom of this page.

This is a fully Immersive MilSim event designed to be as realistic as we can create it. This is not your average airsoft game and is built around immersion and experience. The above items will detract from that so please follow those rules. The “no trainers” rule is for safety purposes and this applies to all players. Adequate, ankle supported footwear should be worn.

This event is designed to give both sides an immersive airsoft event. OpFor will need to role play and embrace their characters, while BlueFor will need to act accordingly in response. Both teams will have unique objectives to achieve, unknown to each other, and the event will follow the story that you create. GLADIUS 2 will progress on from GLADIUS where the events of that day have shaped the events to come.

MINIMUM Age limit for this event is 18 years old.


BlueFor – Praetorian Coalition Force (PCF), Task Force NOBLE = MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP), A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, AOR1 (Desert Digital), any form of modern tactical gear allowed.

OpFor: Sem’ya Brat’yev (SB), Family of Brothers = Civilian clothing, solid colour clothing (NO Camouflage clothing, NO HELMETS). Chest Rigs and Grab Bags.


  • Friday 23rd March
  • 21:00 Player arrival for Convoy 1 on site 
  • 22:00 Player arrival for Convoy 2 on site 
  • 23:00 Player arrival for Convoy 3 on site 
  • Saturday 24th March
  • 06:00 Gates Open for final Convoy to site
  • 07:30 Gates CLOSED for duration of event. 
  • 08:30 Safety Brief
  • 09:30 Event start
  • Sunday 25th March
  • 15:30 ENDEX (No later than)
  • 16:00 Team photos
  • 17:00 First Convoy off site (Subject to change)

ALL PLAYERS MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 07:30 at Griggs Green Gate, on the 24th March 2018

Cost & Admin Requirements:

BlueFor shall be restricted to 80 places.

£40  deposit (non refundable) to secure your place.

Total Game fee, if deposit paid prior to 11th March, is £100 (including deposit)

Total Game fee, if deposit paid after 11th March 2018, is £110 (including deposit).

Full balance to be paid no later than 18th March 2018.

Deposit of £40 is to be paid in the first instance to secure your place with the remainder of your game fee being calculated at the time of booking. 

In the event of a cancellation due to us, or the M.O.D, or a date change, ALL fees will be eligible for refund, or transfer to another event. 

Non attendance will result in you losing ALL of your game fee.

To book your place, please click the book now button at the bottom of this page. If you are not able to book via our PayPal system you can contact us for information on how to pay at mike@legionairsoftevents.com

All players MUST ensure the balance is paid by 11th March 2018. After this date, non payment will result in you not being able to attend the event and no refund given. 

All players MUST arrive on site between no later than 07:30 on Saturday 24th March 2018. Any late players may not be allowed on site. If you are running late due to reasons out of your control, contact us as soon as you know as such, so that we may try and accommodate you. It is important to understand that while we will do our best to get you onsite if you are late, for genuine reasons, we cannot guarantee it, as the M.O.D may not allow it.




Longmoor FIBUA village is right next to a fully working military establishment. DO NOT arrive in full combat gear as you may be mistaken for a serving soldier, which can have many implications, including that toward your own safety. Combat trousers and a civilian top are acceptable but we recommend all players arrive in civilian clothing and get changed on site.

Make sure you bring Photo ID with you, & make sure you book on using your name shown on your ID.

DO NOT use your nickname for booking.

Park as directed by Legion Airsoft Events staff who will be located on the main gate.

Players arriving on site will be escorted in convoy to the parking area and directed from there. 

All players, while being escorted onto site, must act in an appropriate manner. ANYONE deemed to be not doing so while being escorted will be refused entry to the event.

No alcohol on site.

Kit and Equipment Needed:

  • Wet & Warm Gear such as a waterproof jacket and fleece (these MUST match your uniform requirements). It WILL BE COLD. Pack accordingly!
  • Sleeping system (sleeping bag, bivvy bag).
  • Roll Mat for comfort.
  • Food & Rations (enough for 30 hrs. We suggest 2, 24hr military style ration packs).
  • Food and beverage heating/cooking kit. Hot food will be important.
  • Wash kit & Toiletries (this should be kept to a bare minimum).
  • Normal airsoft gear.
  • Extra batteries, ammunition and pyro (Pyro will be on sale).
  • Torch/chemlights.

Ammo Limits and FPS Limits:


All FPS limits are on a 0.2g bb.

  •  Riflemen: 600 rounds, FPS 350
  • Support Gunners: 2,000 Rounds, FPS 350
  • DMR: 300 Rounds (must be a semi locked gun and NO box mags), FPS 450
  • Bolt Action Sniper: 300 Rounds, FPS 500.
  • Pistols and other forms of sidearm: 50 Rounds, FPS 350

Snipers and DMR users have a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres. Within this MED a sidearm/secondary weapon (as per above) may be used.

TAG Rounds have a Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) of 40 metres. Within this MED TAG rounds are NOT to be used.

ALL GUNS MUST BE CHRONO’D AT THE DESIGNATED CHRONOGRAPH ONSITE. Random spot checks may also be carried out throughout the day

Any HPA guns MUST have a tournament lock with a rate of fire no higher than 25rps. Trigger spamming will NOT be tolerated.

Semi fire ONLY while inside buildings. Full auto fire is allowed into and out of buildings although remember, this is a military simulation event, so players will be expected to fire short controlled bursts. And riflemen will be expected to use single shot for most of the event.

All weapons MUST have a realistic rate of fire.

Any weapon that doesn’t obviously fall into the above categories, please contact us for further info.

No loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person and magazines, and Moscarts, must only be reloaded in designated aid posts.

BFG’s & Pyrotechnics:

Only Enola Gaye, TLSFX, and Cloud 9 Combat pyrotechnic products are allowed to be used on site, and nothing above a Mk5.


Any form of blank rounds for Blank Firing Grenades can be used up to and including 9mm. NOTHING above 9mm is to be used in BFG devices.

There is no limit to the amount of pyro you carry, however, this is supposed to be a realistic event so be sensible. 

BFG’s can only be reclaimed once the area is clear of combat OR if your whole team is dead. You may ask the enemy team to retrieve and hand back your grenade to you, although this is not a given so do not be surprised if they decline. No over arm throwing of BFG’s are allowed. Posting of grenades IS allowed in a controlled manor.

TAG Rounds: Tag rounds and their launchers may be used in this game. If you are planning on bringing a TAG launcher and rounds to the event you MUST inform us before hand. ANYONE using TAG launchers and rounds in a way that we deem unacceptable and/or unsafe or not within the spirit of the day will be removed from the site immediately with NO REFUND. 

Scenario for the Weekend:

This game will take the scenario of a modern day military force (BlueFor/PCF) occupying, in a policing and support role, a small urban area named Longmoor. Longmoor is controlled and occupied by a civilian force (OpFor/SB) which is made up of civilians and militia/insurgents.

Both forces will have various missions to achieve and both forces will be led by our directing staff. The OpFor will need to drop weapons at times and act covertly to achieve their missions, while the BlueFor will always remain in a uniformed, operationally ready state.

Radio Communications:

This will be sorted in the individual pages and briefings sent out to you during build up to the event. BlueFor will be controlled by a central operations room provided by Tactical Associates UK and/or ground commander. OpFor will be controlled by a ground commander and our DS.

Game Play:

Windows must be opened fully to fire from and once opened MUST REMAIN open. The only exception to this is at night, if sleeping inside a building, to protect from the cold. During combat however, the windows MUST remain open.

If rounds hit a closed window (with the exception of metal shutters) that you are standing behind, you are to take the hit as if the window were open. You must also, at that point, open the window, if possible, and leave it open to simulate the window being shot out.

Curtains must not be used as a shield.

Doors MUST NOT be locked and are to remain unlocked throughout the duration of the event, UNLESS directed otherwise by Legion Directing Staff.

OpFor players, if unarmed, MUST run and hide for cover if a firefight breaks out around them (further guidance will be given on this as players book in).

Medic Rules:

Team specific medic rules will be forwarded to players once the event draws nearer. Each force also has a different rule for medics, so please bare that in mind during the event.

All direct hits to the body or holstered/slung weapons count as a hit. Ricohet’s DO NOT count as a hit. Gun hits to your “in use” weapon, do not count as a hit.

All players hit are to immediately go down where they are hit and either lie or sit and call for a medic. Wounded players may deploy smoke ONLY.

Wounded players ARE NOT to be used as human shields.

That means if your wounded team mate is in the line of fire, you must extract him out of the area to safely treat him. Wounded players are only to be moved by carrying or dragging. Do not stand a wounded player up and let them move under their own power.


All players MUST wear UK compliant CE marked safety glasses or goggles.

All players MUST wear adequate footwear such as combat or walking boots. No trainers are allowed and we WILL turn you away for inadequate footwear.

All players are advised to wear hearing protection. LAE will provide basic provision for this on site.

Under no circumstances are ANY loaded weapons to be taken into the dedicated safe zone areas. All guns MUST be unloaded and cleared. Moscart shells, and the like, must be either fired off before entry to the safe zone OR left outside. You may load bb’s into a de-gassed Moscart shell, but absolutely no gassing of shells is to take place inside the safe zone.


Further, more detailed, rules will be sent once booking in is confirmed.

Play within the spirit of the game and enjoy yourselves. If in doubt, exercise common sense: DON’T BE A DICK!

We reserve the right to eject anyone from the game who is seen to be intentionally contravening any of these rules.