Airsoft Events

Here you can find details of all of our up and coming airsoft events. Use the links below to find out more information about a specific event and book on.

Upcoming Airsoft Events

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Immersive MilSim Events
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BattleSim Events
Skirmish Events
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Training Events
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Immersive MilSim:

Our Immersive Military Simulation airsoft events are designed to be fully immersive, combat replicating events. Some role play is generally required, as well as good team working and a willingness to be involved in something more than just an airsoft game.

These events are 1 – 3 day events concentrating on player experience. How you perform on the day will determine how the story evolves for the next mission!

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Our Battle Simulation airsoft events are designed to give our customers a more realistic game than a skirmish, but without the dedicated immersion levels that are required of our full on MilSims.

These events are 1 day only events based around individual objective based battles.

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Our organised skirmish days are perfect for just letting off a little steam and getting into the thick of battle. 

These airsoft events are designed to offer pure fun. Just turn up and play. No hassle, no special requirements, just a day out shooting your buddies… in a safe way of course!

We also offer mid-week evening games for those of you that can’t wait till the weekend for your airsoft fix!


Tactical Training:

Our tactical training airsoft events are designed to give you an insight into real word tactics to help you improve your skill set within airsoft. Delivered by former military personnel and private security contractors these training days are great to build on team work, or to improve your individuals skills.

**These training days are designed for airsoft and will NOT make you a genuine Operator!**