Airsoft Sites

The airsoft sites we use at Legion Airsoft Events range from small woodlands with custom built huts and wooden houses, right through to full on military training areas utilising fully built urban villages andlarge scale woodland areas.

With Legion Airsoft Events being located on the Surrey and Hampshire border we have easy access to a great range of areas to host our events at. To find out more about the different sites we use, as well as those we have used in the past, please use the links below.

Skirmish site: Legion Airsoft Events – Chobham, Surrey

Skirmish Site: Legion Airsoft Events – Redhill, Surrey (No longer in use)

Immersive MilSim and BattleSim site – Longmoor Urban Training Complex (Military) – Longmoor, Hampshire

Immersive MilSim and BattleSim site – Bramley Training Area (Military) – Bramley, Hampshire

Immersive MilSim Site –¬† Rype FIBUA village (Military) – Lydd, Kent (No longer in use)