Airsoft Tactical Training

Our Tactical Training events are designed to help you improve your airsoft experience by teaching you real world tactics utilised in real combat situations. Not does this help with team cohesion but it also helps with player confidence, allowing you to get the most out of the events you attend.

What is Tactical Training?

Our Tactical Training Airsoft events are designed to teach you real world tactics used by military and law enforcement in the execution of their duties.

Sounds technical, but what does that really mean?

Basically, we will spend the day, or weekend, with you teaching you things ranging from basic weapon manipulation, right through to simulating explosive entry and clearing out the bad guys from a building, all within the safety of airsoft.

And the context of airsoft is important here. These days are NOT designed to make you real world operators, nor are they a substitute for tactical training courses designed for real world operations.

Why do I need Tactical Training?

Tactical Training can help in many ways within the context of airsoft. Take a look at military and law enforcement units. There is nothing more organised than a fighting force under the stresses of combat in the real world. And this organisation comes down to the tactical training that these teams carry out on a regular basis. That is why it is such a good tool for building team cohesion. It allows you as a team to bond together and become more fluid in your actions, allowing you to be more effective on the airsoft field. And if you’re a solo player that just wants to improve your airsoft experience, then fear not, we accommodate you too. This type of training event is not just for formed teams. Our tactical training events are designed to start at the basics and build up for all levels of player. 

A point to note about conduct after training with us. We do not deliver this training to enable you to deploy to far flung places, kicking in doors and killing bad guys. Nor do we deliver this training so you can swagger into your local airsoft site big timing bout how you are now practically special forces. This training is delivered with the context of airsoft at the forefront and the guys delivering it, for the most part, are former soldiers and former/current security contractors. This training is offered to give a small insight into real world tactics and training while at the same time allowing you to improve your individual skills and abilities. The primary focus is airsoft, and the improvement of airsoft. Nothing more, nothing less. 

What does a Tactical Training Day involve?

The day will start off with a safety brief first thing in the morning, as well as a brief on conduct after the training.

After this we generally start with the basics of weapon manipulation and handling, and then we’ll move onto movement with your weapon and movement as a team. If your team is already fairly skilled at these types of tactics, then we will progress very quickly through them If you’ve opted for a woodland, or greenside, training event, we’ll focus on conventional warfare training. This will include things such as camouflage and concealment, how to tactically move through woodland, how to assault a position, and many many more tactics. If you’re attending an urban combat training event, we’ll move onto clearing rooms with dynamic entry, moving through an urban environment as a team, and progress onto things such as simulated explosive entry. 

All training events we run will culminate in a final exercise where you will utilise all the skills you have learnt throughout the day. You will also be stress tested, where we increase the maximum amount of stress we can, in a safe way of course, to allow you to get a tiny taste of how confusing and stressful these things can be in real life. 

To find out when our next tactical training event is being held you can visit our airsoft events page here, or to enquire about your own team being trained at a time of your choosing, you can get in touch with us on our contact us page, here.