BattleSim Events

Our BattleSim airsoft events are somewhat of stop-gap between our Immersive MilSim events, and a turn up and play skirmish. They are designed to cater for all players wishing to take part in an airsoft event involving medic systems, team organisation and structured military style missions, without the commitment of a full weekend of Immersive MilSim.

What is a BattleSim?

BattleSim events generally only last a single day, but can be quite demanding compared to a single turn up and play skirmish event. Generally lasting 8 hours of non stop combat, you you will need to bring your own food and water, and self administrate yourself out on the ground throughout the day. When you are shot, you will need to utilise a medic system that allows you to be treated as a casualty thus allowing you back into the game without having to walk back to a regeneration point every time you are hit, although eventually you will have to regenerate back into the game, but that means the fun all starts again. Because the medic system has a limited number of uses per player, it means that during a BattleSim event, the battles flow nicely allowing for more engagements to happen. 


During the build up to the event you will be sent a mission set for you to achieve, as well as missions sent out to you throughout the day, to achieve with your team. The best way to do this is work as a team, and coordinate with the rest of your force, but don’t worry if you’re more of a lone wolf player. This can be accommodated too, and this is the beauty of our BattleSim events: they cater for all types of airsofter.

Is a BattleSim right for me?

As mentioned, the beauty of our BattleSim events is that almost any player of any skill level can attend. So long as you have your own gear. And besue it’s not one of our Immersive MilSim events, if you need to take yourself out of the fight for a quick breather, its not a problem. Likewise if you want to find a quiet corner in the woods and take 5 to have a sandwich and take in the peace and tranquillity, then go ahead, although you may find yourself caught in the middle of a battle if your not careful. 

Basically, if you can play a Sunday Skirmish, you can play a BattleSim event.