Longmoor BattleSim: Operation Resurgence

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Date(s) - 02/03/2019
6:30 am - 4:00 pm

Longmoor Urban Training Centre


After the Barbarian and 10th Legion war of 2011, Barbarian forces gained control and removed all elements of government. The 10th Legion military forces were disbanded, and Barbarian commanders took control of the nation and instated a new government labelled the Barbarian Peoples Government (The BPG).

Over time the BPG altered all laws of the land to a point where life was almost unrecognisable. Initially these new, amended laws, designed to be for the people, were applauded. The nation was at peace and the government in charge, although gained through violence, was working to better the lives of those under its charge. The changes were rapid, and extreme. By 2016, just 5 years since the end of war, the lives of the people were almost unrecognisable compared to their way of life before. Unfortunately, this would not last.

With the BPG now in charge, and laws loosened, those that would do harm to others started to flaunt the very laws designed to allow a peace. Slowly but surely, criminal elements of society started to take advantage of this new way of life and it seemed as if the BPG were losing control. Human trafficking and narcotics soon became the most debated topic within the BPG.

Gradually, over time, citizens became tired of the violence and crime. Rogue elements of vigilantes began to appear. These small groups of fighters, offering their services against these criminal elements to the BPG, gradually began to lower crime within the region. As the mercenary force began to grow , they began identifying themselves as The Ultors. Believed to be a Latin translation of the English word “punisher”, these vigilantes soon started to request funding from the BPG to carry out it’s work. With violence at the forefront of their agenda, The Ultors quickly gained a reputation as ruthless fighters not to be crossed. In contrast to their fierce reputation for violence, they were also followers of an extreme faith, making it impossible for them to break their word. With their word as their bond, and their desire for riches, a large bank roll and an oath of allegiance, was all that was needed to gain the services of these mercenaries.

Eventually, with the BPG reluctant to raise a regimented army, the Ultors were hired to do their dirty work, in an attempt to remove all criminal elements for good. The BPG quickly realised however, that they were unable to control them, and violence once again rose its ugly head. Further to this, the criminal underworld started to approach the Ultors, trying to buy their loyalty also.  With the knowledge that they would not break their word, and having access to vast sums of money, the criminal underworld were able to utilise the Ultors for their own means. Word quickly spread of the Ultors strange morals, and it is believed that while they will not break their word, they have no conscience when it comes to switching sides for more money. Stories of the Ultors helping criminals one week, and then the following week fighting against those very same elements are common. These stories, initially denied by the BPG as urban legends, caused division among the people. Some believed these were just taking advantage of a bad situation. Others wondered if the BPG were really looking out for the best interests of the people.

2018, 7 years after the war, the BPG have been forced to raise a regimented army to police the region, and gain control following growing concerns amongst its people. With the BPG now creating the very thing that they fought against in the 10th Legion, Barbarian war, the people were divided. The BPG were split. Some commanders were still known to be using the Ultors for their dirty bidding, while at the same time, the new Barbarian army were also acting against them, sometimes engaging in ground fighting.

Tensions have now reached boiling point, and there are now rumours of in fighting within the Ultors also. Some believe that the Ultors originally stood for good and that this is now lost in the quest for wealth. It is also rumoured that not all Ultor fighters believe in their current path, with some arguing that they should stand down and allow the now formed Barbarian army to take over security.

At the end of 2018 the BPG announced they will be self electing a sole leader to allow them to move forward and make quicker decisions in government. Many feel this is just the start of a new dictatorship and the people erupt in protest. Within a week the Barbarian army and the Ultors are fighting against each other. For now, it is just small skirmishes here and there, with no major eruption of violence, although many believe this is just the start of another war.

Towards the end of January 2019, just 8 years after the end of war, the BPG and Ultors arrange a secret meeting. No one knows why, but during this meeting an explosion happens, killing both commanders. Both forces blame each other, but at the same time are equally confused as to why they would sacrifice one of their own high-ranking officials. The following day, documents are released detailing a plan by the BPG to bankroll the Ultors and use them to keep the local population in line. Naturally the people are enraged. Days later a single piece of graffiti is discovered near a BPG checkpoint spray painted onto the wall. It is a single image. The logo of the formerly disbanded 10th Legion forces. Rumours start to surface. Could this be the resurgence of the 10th Legion Forces……?

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Legion Airsoft Events BattleSim: Operation Resurgence,  is a non stop, 7 hour battle day, with military style objectives, medic systems, and team work, inside a fully working village comprising of 70 houses, a Forward Operating Base, a railway line, helicopters, tanks and woodland.

These events are designed to be fun, and action packed, where teams will win points for achieving objectives.
These are not MilSim’s, but are not Skirmishes either. They are a half way between the two, catering for all types of players.

Objective based, military style missions give the player a more testing and demanding day than your average day of airsoft!

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Our BattleSims are scored and the team with the most points at the end of the day, will be declared the winners.

**If booking for multiple people, please state their when booking, don’t just repeat your own name!**

  • Our Airsoft BattleSim events involve military style objectives, based around a loose formation of teams.
  • 7hrs of non stop airsoft battle. No breaks, players will eat their own food, in game.
  • These events are designed to be fun, and action packed, where teams will win points for achieving objectives.
  • These are not MilSim’s and are not Skirmishes. They are a half way between, catering for all types of players.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the day, will be declared the winners.

02 March 2019

Minimum Age: 16. Sign up to our news letter to keep updated.

Location: Griggs Green Gate – Longmoor: 51.080298, -0.834425 (detailed description of address will be sent once booked)

Ticket price is £55, paid up front. We do not take cash payments on the day. If you book onto the event and cannot attend, just send us a message either via email, this website, or Facebook, to let us know BEFORE the event start, and we will refund you your game fee of £35 (£55 ticket fee minus £20 non-refundable deposit). Non attendance of the event, with no prior notice will result in the loss of your ticket price.


07:30 Gates Open
09:10 Gates Close
09:40 Safety Brief
10:00 Game Start
17:00 Endex

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Snipers are allowed at these events but if you plan on wearing a ghillie or leaf suit, you MUST ensure your suit is only an upper body suit, and that your legs are not covered by it. You must also ensure you are wearing one of your teams uniform options on your trousers, and the top underneath your ghillie/leaf suit upper must also match your teams uniform options.

10th Legion (Desert): MTP/MultiCam, Desert Tiger Stripe, Tan solid colours, Desert Digital, Desert DPM, all Tan based colours. NO ATACS FG

Barbarians (Greens): All green camos, civilian clothing (not Tan) and dark clothing (not Black, MC Black, Navy, or Grey). If unsure, ask. NO ATACS FG

The Ultors (Mercenary):  Black (Including MultiCam Black), Dark Navy or Grey ONLY. If unsure, ask. Only 20 places, in total available for this force!

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