Operation Sertorius: 34hr Immersive MilSim Event

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Date(s) - 10/05/2019 - 12/05/2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 am

Longmoor Urban Training Centre


Following the Balkan civil war that ravaged the peninsula during the early 2000’s, a vacuum of power and authority was created. Not one government was able to take control and bring back stability to the region without causing more unrest. Gangs of violent criminals seized this opportunity and formed organisations not too dissimilar to the cartels of Mexico, with gang bosses commonly being referred to as Capo’s.

These organisation ruled their local regions with an iron fist, showing no mercy to anyone who dared cross their path. They used violence to keep the local populace in line, and until recently, remained unchallenged by anyone with any sort of authority.

5 years ago local governments of the regions, combined in force and ordered a major crackdown and offensive against these criminal elements. This caused trouble among the underworld as individual Capo’s decided to turn on their peers. Organisation bosses gave information on each other in the hope that they themselves would be given immunity. Naturally, the very chaos that these organisations used to rule with, was soon thrust upon them and thrown into their own midst.

The offensive against the criminal underworld was largely successful, bringing stability and peace to most of the region. There was one exception to this, however. A large region straddling the Romanian and Ukrainian border, believed to be one of the most violent and corrupt, and run by the notorious leader known as Sulla.

This region has become some what of a folklore story. With no personal information regarding Sulla available, and people from all regions commonly declaring that they would rather die than cross Sulla, this crime lord is a complete unknown. Further to this, out of all the names mentioned by the former Capos trying to save their own skin, Sulla was not one of them. Not one Capo used used Sulla’s name, or any information about him, to secure their own safety. In fact, one of the reasons this region remained untouched, was because despite the stories, no one was willing to give any information on Sulla and the border region in which they control. What is known about Sulla though is that this person, believed to be a male, is heavily into human trafficking and the drugs trade. There are also rumours that Sulla has ties to various terror organisations around the world.

Operation Sertorius will focus on the identification and removal of Sulla, along with all remaining criminal elements in the region. It will be a police (Politia) led operation, however it is believed that a small advisory task force has been established to assist with certain aspects of the operation.

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Uniform Requirements:

Politia (Armed Police/CTSFO/HRT) = Black, MultiCam Black, Black Camo, Navy Blue, Grey, any form of modern tactical gear allowed, although all black/navy/grey is preferred.

Task Force = MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP), A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, AOR1 (Desert Digital), any form of modern tactical gear allowed. (Restricted to 20 places)

CivPop = Civilian clothing, solid colour clothing (NO Camouflage clothing, NO HELMETS.  Night vision aids must be declared and are to be handheld only). Chest Rigs and Grab Bags (FIGHT LIGHT, and hide among the local populace).

Airsoft MilSim


£40  deposit (non refundable) to secure your place.

Total Game fee, if remainder of balance is paid 14 days before the event, £100 (including non refundable deposit).

Total Game fee, if remainder paid within 14 days of the event £110 (including non refundable deposit).

All fees MUST be paid by midnight, the Sunday BEFORE the event.

In the event of a cancellation due to us, or the M.O.D, or a date change, ALL fees will be eligible for refund, or transfer to another event.

Non attendance will result in you losing ALL of your game fee.

If you are unable to attend the event and give notice prior to the start of the event, your fees (minus deposit) shall be refunded or transferred to another event, at your choosing.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.


  • 10th May 2019;
    • 19:00 Gates Open
    • 23:50 Gates Close
  • 11th May 2019;
    • 00:30 Safety Brief (Teams will be briefed as they arrive and inserted into the AO accordingly, as soon as they are ready)
    • 01:00 Scenario Start
  • 12th May 2019;
    • 11:00 Endex (No Later Than)
    • 12:00 First convoys off-site


Bookings are closed for this event.