Hampshire Airsoft Events

Legion Airsoft Events operates at a number of locations,  but our most promient sites, are our Hampshire airsoft sites nameley: Longmoor Urban Training Complex, and Bramley Traning Area. On this page you can find out more about these two sites, and the sort of events we run at them.

Longmoor Urban Training Complex, for airsoft in Hampshire. 

Longmoor, Hampshire AirsoftLongmoor UTC is a military training complex consisting of a village and woodland, with excellent features to play airsoft around. Based in Hampshire, England, just of the A3 near Liss, this training complex features 70 houses, a Forward Operating Base, A Security Forces Base, a Patrol Base, a railway line, helicopters, tanks, Tunnels, bunkers, and a woodland area as well. With it’s tarmac roads, narrow streets and alleyways, as well as it’s dirt tracks and woodland, this site offers the best of both worlds, when it comes to the woodland or urban debate within airsoft.

What sort of events do we run at Longmoor, Hampshire?

Hampshire Airsoft EventsAt our Longmoor site, we predominantly run BattleSims and Immersive MilSims, although we are considering running a skirmish event at this site also. The age restrictions here, and on all military sites make it more suited to the slightly more experienced and older player.

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Bramley Training Area, Hampshire.

Bramley Airsoft HampshireBramley Training Area is another Military site we use, predominately running BattleSims and MilSims at, and again is subject to age restrictions, the same as Longmoor. Based near Basingstoke, Hampshire it boasts a large scale woodland area, littered with extremely large, disused ammunition storage hangers, a large bunker complex, ditches, air raid shelters, streams, and dense woodland for you to fight through. 


Our events at Bramley, Hampshire.

Like Longmoor, we predominately run our BattleSim and Immersive MilSim events at this site, and this is due to the large scale of the site. We are looking at running a skirmish event at this location, but again, with age restrictions in place, this would only be open to airsofters over the age of 16 years old.

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