MilSim Events

Our Immersive MilSim events at Legion Airsoft Events are designed to get you as close to the experience of combat as we can make it.

“Just some serious allyness. Where else you gonna get a blank Firing .50cal???” C.Gaines – Facebook

These events can be extremely challenging, and require the right mindset to take part, as well as the willingness to fully immerse yourself into the event narrative. Team work is key, and there are no winners or losers declared at these events. They are about the experience and immersion, rather than being based around competition.

Bramley MilSim

What does MilSim mean to us?

To us, a MilSim event is one that replicates combat operations as closely as possible, in as many aspects as is possible. Too many companies out there today use the term MilSim to describe any old event played on a military site, or any game with loosely based military missions played in your local woodland, and in our opinion, this is wrong, and completely misses the point of a MilSim.

To us MilSim is different. MilSim should be immersive. It should throw you in to a scenario that instils a bit of fear and panic. It should be a test of ones fortitude and resilience. These events should not be just big airsoft games, played on military sites, nor should they be military style missions played at your local woodland site. They are more than that. They are events designed to bring players together to get a taste of that brotherhood that military operations instils into the participants. They are designed to push you to your limits. They are designed to be hard. But more importantly, they should make you walk away thinking “holy hell that was tough… but I want to do it all over again”.

In short, we believe that if you’re going to use the term MilSim, then you should at least pay some homage to those that do this stuff for real and make the event as realistic as you can get it.

How are our Immersive MilSim events different?

One of our recent customers wrote on our Facebook page “Was amazing. The mix of great organisation, blank firing and large pyro made the event a pure adrenaline rush”. Our Immersive MilSim events follow a much stricter rule set than our other events, and use blank firing weapons, as well as a multitude of pyrotechnic effects to create an immersive, realistic atmosphere. In these events the forces are generally  split into two sides, the good guys (BlueFor) and the bad guys (OpFor). The BlueForces take on the role of modern military units and must act as such. You will be expected to work as a team during these events and going lone wolf is not allowed. Each team member will need to take up a specific role such as commander, radio operator, medic, support gunner, etc and players will be expected to fully embrace the role that they take. For the OpFor players, this force takes on the role of either an insurgent, working within a rebel force or again another military unit. When playing the role of rebels, players will be split up into small teams and will be required to carry out their assigned missions as small teams with hit and run tactics in mind. 

All players will utilise a more advanced medic system to allow you to get back into the game once dead. These medic rules are often different, depending on which force you play and on, and are designed in such a way so as to ensure that both teams remain equal when it comes to tactical advantages.

These events are also not about getting as many kills as you can, or, getting one over on the other team. There will be times where not firing a shot is the best course of action to take, and players will be expected to self administer themselves throughout the event.

With our Immersive MilSim events, we say that “your effort makes their event better”, and visa versa. What we mean by that is that players who put in 100% effort and embrace the event and roles they take on, make the event better and more immersive for those players around them. By embracing the event, our players make the event.  

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