Operation COHORT

30 Hour MilSim: Rype FIBUA Village, Lydd, Kent.

Operation COHORT: specific rules >>

This will be a full on, immersive, Military Simulation event. If playing on the OpFor side, there will be times where the objective is to not shoot, but act as civilians and not get caught while carrying out your objectives. If playing on the BlueFor side there will be times where restraint and observation skills are required. This isn’t about seeing who can get the most kills. This is about immersing yourselves into the spirit of the day and gaining a taste of real world operations while having a great experience. There, of course, will be opportunity to get your “battle on” as things escalate throughout the day.

Anyone seen to be intentionally not keeping within the spirit of the game, may be asked to leave without refund.

Please check the rules above. Failure to adhere may result in you being refused entry or rejected from the event.

Back Story;

June 2017: Task Force Noble of the PCF deploy to Rypovno in an attempt to police the town as part of a wider security operation across the Eastern border of Belarus. During TF Noble’s deployment, weapons and Improved Explosive Devices (IED), as well as manufacturing facilities were found. Following this the Task Force came under deliberate and coordinated attack. The Task Force sustained severe casualties as, what seems to be the whole populace of Rypovno, took up arms. The Russian government have condemned the operation stating that “yet again, Western forces have shown to be trigger happy and hungry for death. We will not stand by and allow innocent Russians to be killed”. It is unclear at this time if any civilians were killed during the fighting.

September 2017: Changing of the guard! In September, Task Force Nobles deployment will come to an end and a new Task Force will deploy. It is unclear what units will be tasked to take over the role, however, sources inside the PCF have indicated a special forces team may take over the responsibility.
2010: The government of Belarus announced its intentions to move away from its close ties to Russia and declared its commitment to Europe. Following this announcement a Military coups takes place, predominantly in the towns of Polishkovo and Rypovno. Suspected Russian government supporters infiltrate the country’s border and take up residence in the battle torn town Rypovno.
2014: The community at Rypovno having been left to their own devices for nearly 4 years, start to build a wall around the perimeter of the village to shield them them from outside interference. All government organisations that try to intervene within the town are met with hostility.
2015: The Belarus Government Forces (BGF) aggressively push into the town area and are again met with fierce resistance, resulting in firefights between the Rypovno locals and the BGF. The BGF exerts over-caution and pulls out of the area to prevent further blood shed.
The BGF claim that the people of Rypovno fought like well trained soldiers, rather than the locals of a war torn town that they appear to be.
2016: Multiple surveillance operations have taken place on Rypovno and it’s surrounding areas, and it is now believed that the people occupying the town are hardline Russian Separatists calling themselves the Sem’ya Brat’yev (SB (Family of Brothers)). It is unclear what their motives are by occupying the town, and it is unclear just who their alliances lay toward. At the moment intelligence suggests that they are assisting, in some way, either with weapons storage or weapons manufacturing, on behalf of anti western organisations. With the town being so close to the Russian border it is common for vehicles to be seen convoying into Russia.
The Russian government appears to be washing their hands of the incidents so far and refuse to comment other than to say “it is not our problem”.
2016: The Belarus Government ask nearby European nations for assistance and while most have declined help, the United Kingdom, with the help of the United States, have agreed to form the Praetorian Coalition Force (PCF), to assist.
2017: Because the BGF have been seen to be a potential catalyst for violence in the area, it has been decided that the PCF will deploy a company size force to take over control of the town and surrounding areas. It is believed that the occupation of Rypovno by another nation may be seen as a peaceful attempt at resolution by the Belarus government, however, there is a strong risk that this move will antagonise the locals of Rypovno. The PCF are to deploy in a peaceful posture and determine just why the SB are occupying the town of Rypovno. 
**This is airsoft and should be regarded as such. While we will do our best to give you a taste of what real operations can be like, it should be remembered that real combat operations can never be fully replicated.**