Dead Rag – Legion Airsoft Events


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A bright red dead rag featuring Legion Airsoft Events branding.

Dimensions 50cm x 50cm

Use this dead rag to indicate to other players that you have been hit. When playing in BattleSim and MilSim events, where events are generally held on more complex and larger scale sites with a lot more noise, and where immersion and realism player a larger role, it can often be difficult to tell if someone is hit and laying down, or if they are taking up a new fire position. As a player who is hit, and laying down for effect, to then be shot again because it looks like you are trying to hide it can be frustrating and at times can remove some of the fun from airsoft. That’s where the dead rag comes in. With a dead rag, once you are hit, simply pull it out as you are dying a spectacular airsoft death to indicate to the other team that you are hit, and hey presto, no more overkill………. theoretically (legion airsoft events cannot take responsibility for blind players not seeing your bright red dead rag…..)

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