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Private Training Days (Pre Arranged Only)

Our training events are designed to give you a better understanding of tactics, techniques and procedures, within a tactical environment (airsoft), with the aim of improving your team cohesion, and tactical ability within an airsoft event. Using real world Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures we can run you through basic drills, right up to simulated explosive entry.

These training days are taught at your pace, and will always start with some basic weapon handling instruction followed by basic instruction on movement, target engagement, and working in a team. From there the day will progress depending on your requirements and needs.

These events are particularly useful for MilSim teams, and those just wanting to learn something new, while doing some cool stuff.

These events can be LOUD and we normally finish the event off with a noisy,  intense, simulated scenario.

Kit Required:

  • Airsoft gun, ancillaries, ammo
  • Load baring equipment (plate carrier/chest rig/belt kit/etc)
  • Decent footwear (tactical boots/walking boots)
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection (we can supply basic hearing protection if need be)
  • Proper holster for sidearms, if you have them

Skills We Teach

  • Weapon handling
  • Situational awareness
  • Tactical movement
  • Movement as a team
  • Command and control
  • Fieldcraft
  • Section attack
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • Room clearance
  • Various methods of entry, including explosive (Simulated)
  • Searching
  • And many more….

**It is important to note that while the TTP’s we teach are from real world experience, this training day is delivered in the context of airsoft only, and only gives a mere glimpse into the reality of doing these things for real. This training day does NOT make you a real operator. It will, however, allow you to be more effective within an airsoft environment.**


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