Airsoft BattleSim Rules

Our BattleSim Rules are designed to make sure you get the most out of the event you are attending. They’re not too strict like our Immersive MilSim rules, but carry enough structure within them to ensure a smooth running day, with just the right amount of challenges within allowing you to get the best of both a more casual game, as well as getting a more structured, military style event.

Remember though, these are not what we call MilSims. They are BattleSims and are a half way between a MilSim and a Skirmish.

You can follow this link to find out more about our Immersive MilSim events.>

If you’d like to find out more about what a BattleSim actually involves, go here.>

Before attending our BattleSim events, please ensure you sign our digital waiver located here: Legion Airsoft Events Digital Waiver.>


When arriving at one of our BattleSim Events, it is important to take due care, for your own safety, particularly for events being held at Military training areas.

With this in mind, ALL players are advised not to arrive to site in full military clothing, and are recommended to arrive in civilian clothing, or a mix of, and get changed once on site.

Gate’s WILL close at 09:10 sharp with the aim to carry out a safety brief by 09:30, in time for a 10:00 game start. Late arrivals delay the game for everyone else, so we will close the gate at that time, and while we will accommodate genuine late arrivals as best we can, it is not always possible to get you on once the gates are closed. In short, DON’T BE LATE.

The event will generally finish no later than 17:00 on the same day, unless otherwise stated.

You MUST bring all food and water that you require for the event with you. We have light snacks and drinks available for sale on site, but we do not provide food. You must self administrate, in the field, throughout this event.

Team Uniforms:

10th Legion (Desert): MTP/MultiCam, Desert Tiger Stripe, Tan solid colours, Desert Digital, Desert DPM, all Tan based colours. NO ATACS.

Barbarians (Greens): All green camos, civilian clothing (not Tan) and dark clothing. NO ATACS.

Snipers: Snipers are allowed at our BattleSim events, but ONLY a half/upper ghillie/leaf suit is allowed. You must have your trousers exposed and your trousers and shirt must match your teams uniform colours.

If unsure, ask.

Your load baring equipment is not included in this. ONLY your trousers and shirt/jacket

Ammo Limits and FPS Limits:


All FPS limits are on a 0.2g bb. Ammo limits are per person, on your person, at any one time. You may have as much ammo in your regen area as you like, but no more than the designated ammo limit, inside magazines, on your person at any one time.

  • Riflemen: 600 rounds, FPS 350
  • Support Gunners: 2,000 Rounds, FPS 350
  • DMR: 300 Rounds (must be a semi locked gun and NO box mags), FPS 450
  • Bolt Action Sniper: 300 Rounds, FPS 500.
  • Pistols:FPS 350

Snipers and DMR users have a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres. Within this MED a sidearm/secondary weapon (as per above) may be used.

TAG Rounds have a minimum engagement distance of 40 metres. Within this MED TAG rounds are NOT to be used. TAG users MUST make themselves known at the start of the day and attend a separate safety brief.

ALL GUNS MUST BE CHRONO’D AT THE DESIGNATED CHRONOGRAPH ONSITE.Random spot checks may also be carried out throughout the day.

Any HPA guns MUST have a tournament lock with a rate of fire no higher than 25rps. Trigger spamming will NOT be tolerated.

Semi fire ONLY while inside buildings. Full auto fire is allowed into and out of buildings: players will be expected to fire short controlled bursts and be aware of their surroundings to prevent overkill of players crossing open windows/doorways.

Cracks in doorways, under doorways or any hole that is not big enough to obtain a full site picture, MUST not be engaged through. Generally speaking, if it is smaller than a piece of A4 paper, you MUST NOT engage through it.

All weapons MUST have a realistic rate of fire.
Any weapon that doesn’t obviously fall into the above categories, please contact us for further info.

No loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person and magazines and Moscarts must only be reloaded in designated aid posts/regen areas.

BFG’s & Pyrotechnics:

Pyrotechnic products are allowed to be used on site, but nothing above a Mk5.

Any form of blank rounds for Blank Firing Grenades can be used up to and including 9mm. NOTHING above 9mm is to be used in BFG devices.

There is no limit to the amount of pyro you carry.

BFG’s can only be reclaimed once the area is clear of combat OR, if your whole team is dead, you may ask the enemy team to retrieve and hand back your grenade to you, although this is not a given, so do not be surprised if they decline. 

No over arm throwing of BFG’s are allowed. Posting of grenades IS allowed in a controlled manor, and you must use them in a sensible manner.

Military Smoke is NOT allowed at these events.

TAG Rounds:

Tag rounds and their launchers may be used in this game. If you are planning on bringing a TAG launcher and rounds to the event you MUST inform us before hand. ANYONE using TAG launchers and rounds in a way that we deem unacceptable and/or unsafe or not within the spirit of the day will be removed from the site immediately with NO REFUND.

You must use TAG launchers as area weapons, and not as direct impact weapons. That means do NOT intentionally try to hit individual players.

A high arc of fire must be used to lob the round onto target.

4Om Minimum Engagement distance.

Medic Rule:

All players must carry their own dressing on their person. No dressing, no medic.

Groups of players may form a team and nominate a team medic to carry further bandages.

You are hit when a bb strikes your body or slung/holstered weapons. Strikes to your “in use” weapon system do not count.

When players are hit they must kneel, or lay down and immediately shout hit, using a red dead rag if you have one (these will be available from our store on the day). Wounded players can only be moved by dragging or carrying, or loading onto a vehicle (if in play). Wounded players must NOT move themselves under their own power. DO NOT get up and walk or run if you are wounded.

First Hit = Any player can use YOUR bandage to revive you.

Second Hit = Only a team medic (from any team) can revive you using one of their bandages.

Third hit = You are DEAD and must return to your Regen or Resupply/HQ after your 5 minute bleed out.

If you are not treated within 5 minutes of being hit, you have bled out and must return to your Regen/Resupply.

You MUST wait 5 minutes to bleed out. Players cannot instantly walk off when they are hit, no matter how they have been killed.

Grenade and TAG rounds have a 5 metre kill radius and are an instant kill, even IF you are already waiting for a medic, and still require a 5 minute bleed out.

Dead players don’t talk, and we recommend the use of dead rags, although these are not compulsory.

Minimum age limit for our BattleSim events is 16 years old.

Any players not adhering to these rules, which WILL be sent to you separately, may be expelled from the event with no refund given.


Future BattleSim Events
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