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  1. thomas Lescrauwaet


    I’m with a belgium team that is interested in the milsim Operation Gladius II: Airsoft MilSim 23/03-25/3.

    Is it possible to get some more information on the sleeping quarters (do we need tents or not, matras, …)

    At what time can we enter the domain?

    are all kinds off pyrotechnics cleared for use?

    how big will the teams be estimated?

    and do we need specials gear for the event?

    also i can’t open the specific rules for this event, is it possible to mail these?


    Grizzly team

    1. Mike William

      Hi Thomas,

      you can find the Gladius 2 specific event rules, uniforms and timings on the Gladius 2 rules pager here: http://legionairsoftevents.com/operation-gladius-2

      As for sleeping arrangements. On the Friday night all players will be located inside the FOB where there are beds and matresses available. Once the event starts, Bluefor will remain in this location and OpFor will move out to the village. OpFor will require sleeping mats/cot beds and sleeping systems. BlueFor will require sleeping mats and sleeping systems so that they can deploy onto the ground if need be.


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