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Operation Change will replace it: https://legionairsoftevents.com/product/operation-change-airsoft-battlesim

Bramley Immersive MilSim: Operation Sabre Assault 30hr Event



Date(s) – 27/05/2022   – 29/05/2022
20:00pm – 15:00 pm

Event will start at 09:00 on the 28/05/2022 and will finish at 15:00 on the 29/05/2022

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Operation Sabre Assault

This will be a hard routine event. You will require your own bashas/quick tents and sleeping systems for a night out in the field. 

MilSim Story Line

December 2020

Following years of tension between the Democratic Republic of Dominios (DRD) and its neighbour Crugistan, the DRD eventually crosses the border leading to combat operatons against its neighbour.

With DRD forces moving fast across the border, initially their progress was smooth with minimal response. Unfortuntely for the DRD, and unbeknown to them, the military of Crugistan had created a defensive line paralleling its border deep within its own territory, halting DRD advances.

NATO watches nervously as the conflict escalates. The governments of the United Kingdom and the United States warn the DRD that they have troops based inside Crugistan and that any hostile action towards them will be deemed a hostile action against those nations.

 January 2021

With both forces taking heavy casualties in the initial battle that took place along the entire length of the country, an apparent stalemate began to form. With neither side wanting to push forward, it seemed a new border had been created.

 June 2021

With both sides of the conflict sitting firm, small skirmishes for small gains continue along the defensive line with both sides gaining territory and then losing it shortly afterwards.

Peace talks are initiated between the two nations with NATO acting as in intermediary, warning the DRD that if they do not withdraw, NATO will deploy troops.

August 2021

With peace talks ongoing, a major offensive is launched by the DRD. Using a Multi Launch Rocket System, the DRD assaults the UK and US joint base levelling much of the base and killing many.

Immediately following the attack, the DRD issues a statement apologising for the attack claiming bad intelligence led to the wrong location being attacked.

The governments of the UK and US respond jointly stating they now have no choice but to get involved in the conflict to protect their people and assets in the region.

 September 2021

A large contingent of UK and US troops deploy to Crugistan under the banner of the Crugistan Security and Assistance Force (C-SAF). C-SAF units position themselves along the Crugistan defensive line to act in case it falls.

 January 2022

Peace talks seem to be successful with the DRD agreeing to withdraw to and agreed perimeter where a new border between the two nations will be set. A long process of peace talks begins.

April 2022

With the DRD troop withdrawal imminent, a large-scale battle breaks out toward the North. Intelligence suggests it was instigated by members of the DRD military who do not agree with the withdrawal. The battle has a knock-on effect causing combat operations to re-ignite along the border.

The UK and US governments declare they now have no choice but to intervene and deploy the C-SAF into a combat role to assist the Crugistan forces in pushing back the DRD. NATO agrees and C-SAF prepares for large scale operations. C-SAF gives the DRD until the

 May 2022

C-SAF give the DRD until the 27 MAY 2022 to fully withdraw their troops to the new borderline. If they do not comply, C-SAF will launch major combat operations along the Crugistan defensive line.

Bramley Training Area

Operation Sabre Assault is part of our fully blown Immersive MilSim series of events. These events are designed to be as immersive as possible and require the right mindset. Your actions and behaviour WILL affect how other people experience the event, and your focus should be on keeping the immersion alive. This event is a force on force event focused around a conventional warfare setting.

The event is designed to give you an immersive experience and is NOT a bullet fest of constant smashing the other team.

Make sure you read our Immersive Event rules HERE. You will not be refunded if you didn’t “realise” the event is stricter than you are used to!

If you want an event that is based around trigger time and getting one over on the other team, then this is NOT the event for you. We do not announce winners at these events and our aim is to deliver you an immersive event. If you want a challenging event, that gets you into the gritty mindset of Combat Operations, giving you a small taster of how things could be, then book on.

We will not tolerate players who intentionally go against the spirit of the event, and anyone caught intentionally breaking rules will be asked to leave.

Uniform Requirements:

C-SAF = MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP), A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, AOR1 (Desert Digital), any form of modern tactical gear allowed.

DRD = DPM, M81, GORKA, SOLID GREEN, any green based camo.


Ticket price is £110, paid up front. We do not take cash payments on the day.

If you book onto the event and cannot attend, just send us a message either via email, this website, or Facebook, to let us know BEFORE the event start, and we will refund you your game fee of £70 (£70 ticket fee, minus £40 non-refundable part payment/deposit). Non attendance of the event, with no prior notice, will result in the loss of your ticket price.

In the event of a cancellation due to us, or the M.O.D, or a date change, ALL fees will be eligible for a full and complete refund, or transfer to another event (whichever you choose).

Non attendance will result in you losing ALL of your game fee.

If you are unable to attend the event and give notice prior to the start of the event, your fees (minus deposit) shall be refunded or transferred to another event, at your choosing.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.

You can also find out more information about our Immersive Airsoft MilSim events here. >



  • 20:00 Gates open for arrivals
  • 22:00 Gates Close (Those arriving Friday night will have a large barn to sleep in. Cot bed and Sleeping Bags will be required)


  • 06:30 Gates open for arrivals
  • 07:30 Gates close
  • 08:30 Final safety brief
  • 09:00 Event Start


  • 15:00 Event End
  • 15:30 First convoy off-site

Please note the following rule changes to these events over previous events;

  • Shoulder fired mortar systems using TLSFX or similar cardboard mortar rounds are banned due to player misuse (they may still be used as mortars with a high angle of attack).
  • Master Mike, Mini Mike and similar bb shell launchers are banned as they do not fall within the nature of our events.
  • Military smokes (including those re-purposed and bought through airsoft companies) are banned due to safety issues.
  • Pyro Ban between the hours of 22:00 – 08:00


Additional information



Event Details

Start date: May 27, 2022

End date: May 29, 2022

Start time: 20:00 UTC

End time: 15:00 UTC

Venue: Longmoor UTC

Phone: 01252 985 030

Email: info@legionairsoftevents.com

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