Operation Gladius 5 | Immersive MilSim

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Longmoor Immersive MilSim: Operation Gladius 5 30hr Event



Date(s) – 25/03/2022   – 27/03/2022
20:00pm – 15:00 pm

Event will start at 09:00 on the 26/03/2022 and will finish at 15:00 on the 27/03/2022

Read our event rules regarding our Immersive Airsoft MilSim events here. >

Longmoor Urban Training Centre

Operation Gladius V is our full blown Immersive MilSim event. These events are designed to be as immersive as possible and require the right mindset. Your actions and behaviour WILL affect how other people experience the event, and your focus should be on keeping the immersion alive. OpFor players will be switching between non-armed civilian roles to gather intelligence and fighter roles, while BluFor troops will be rotating through a variation of roles including QRF, Patrols and Guard duties.

The event is designed to give you an immersive experience and is NOT a bullet fest of constant smashing the other team.

Make sure you read our Immersive Event rules HERE. You will not be refunded if you didn’t “realise” the event is stricter than you are used to!

If you want an event that is based around trigger time and getting one over on the other team, then this is NOT the event for you. We do not announce winners at these events and our aim is to deliver you an immersive event. If you want a challenging event, that gets you into the gritty mindset of Combat Operations, giving you a small taster of how things could be, then book on.

We will not tolerate players who intentionally go against the spirit of the event, and anyone caught intentionally breaking rules will be asked to leave.

Uniform Requirements:

BlueFor – Praetorian Coalition Force (PCF), Task Force NOBLE = MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP), A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, AOR1 (Desert Digital), any form of modern tactical gear allowed.

OpFor: Sem’ya Brat’yev (SB), Family of Brothers = Civilian clothing, solid colour clothing (NO Camouflage clothing, NO HELMETS (except for during darkness hours). Night vision aids are allowed and can be used how you see fit. Chest Rigs and Grab Bags. The lighter your fighting gear, the better!

OpFor players will need to send a passport “style” photo so that we can create your “in game” ID.


Ticket price is £110, paid up front. We do not take cash payments on the day. If you book onto the event and cannot attend, just send us a message either via email, this website, or Facebook, to let us know BEFORE the event start, and we will refund you your game fee of £70 (£70 ticket fee, minus £40 non-refundable part payment/deposit). Non attendance of the event, with no prior notice, will result in the loss of your ticket price.

In the event of a cancellation due to us, or the M.O.D, or a date change, ALL fees will be eligible for a full and complete refund, or transfer to another event.

Non attendance will result in you losing ALL of your game fee.

If you are unable to attend the event and give notice prior to the start of the event, your fees (minus deposit) shall be refunded or transferred to another event, at your choosing.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.

If you are part of a team, or group, please list your team name, or group members, in the comment section when booking.

You can also find out more information about our Immersive Airsoft MilSim events here. >



  • 19:00 Gates open for arrivals
  • 22:00 Gates Close (Those arriving Friday night will have accommodation provided)


  • 06:00 Gates open for arrivals
  • 07:00 Gates close
  • 08:30 Final safety brief
  • 09:00 Event Start


  • 15:00 Event End
  • 15:30 First convoy off-site

Please note the following rule changes to these events over previous Gladius 5 events;

  • Shoulder fired mortar systems using TLSFX or similar cardboard mortar rounds are banned due to player misuse (they may still be used as mortars).
  • Master Mike, Mini Mike and similar bb shell launchers are banned as they do not fall within the nature of our events.
  • Military smokes (including those re-purposed and bought through airsoft companies) are banned due to safety issues.
  • OpFor can use Night Vision aids head mounted.


Additional information


BlueFor: Pretorian Coalition Forces, OpFor: Sem’ya Brat’yev (SB) Family of Brothers

Event Details

Start date: March 25, 2022

End date: March 27, 2022

Start time: 19:00 UTC

End time: 15:00 UTC

Venue: Longmoor UTC

6 thoughts on “Operation Gladius 5 | Immersive MilSim

  1. Lewis

    Are ghillie/leaf suits allowed

    1. Ghillie suits are allowed on the BlueFor side, but you will be working in 10 man teams, so will have limited opportunity to deploy solo.

  2. Matt

    Can Opfor bring vehicles to the event

    Motorcycles / quads ?

    1. We have allowed OpFor to use a vehicle in the past. We would not allow motorcycles though due to the increased risk. Your best bet is to email us info@legionairsoftevents.com to enquire about a vehicle.

  3. Joe

    A couple questions.

    Do you call and end to the games at night ? Or is there a rule about when people are sleeping ?

    What sort of accommodation is there
    I’m not expecting any 5 star rooms but do I need to bring a tent or a sleeping bag ?

    Is there charging stations for batteries?

    How many people are usually in attendance?

    How big is the map

    Thanks joe

    1. Hi Joe;

      No, the event runs straight for 30 hours. Players will be placed into teams though and teams will rotate through duties as per a normal military unit, and one of those rotations allows for sleep.

      You do not need a tent. just a sleeping bag and roll mat/cot bed

      There is no charging station for batteries, however all sleeping rooms have access to power. That being said, most people get away with just two or three batteries for the event.

      We have 100+ players attending these events.

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